American Idol Alum from the Bucks County Area Return to Show As Singers’ Mentor

Image via 6abc.
Justin Guarini will now be helping fellow singers as they enter the hit show.

Two singers from Bucks County, who were featured on one of the biggest musical programs in the world, are now working as mentors. Alicia Vitarelli wrote about the singers and mentors for 6abc.

Doylestown native Justin Guarini and Catie Turner of Langhorne are returning to American Idol as mentors in a special, full-circle moment for both former contestants. As Hollywood Week continues Monday night, Guarini is helping current contestants with their stage presence, while Turner is a songwriting coach.

“It was where I got my big break and why I will always go back to support American Idol,” said Guarini, who was a Season 1 runner-up in 2002.

After his American Idol performance, Guarini went on to star in commercials, then Disney Junior cartoons, and finally onto Broadway. He will next star as Prince Charming in “Once Upon a One More Time,” the Britney Spears musical.

Meanwhile, Turner, who appeared on American Idol five years ago, is busy making new music and preparing to start touring.

“This is my first headlining tour,” said Turner, “and it’s terrifying because it’s like, ‘Oh my God,’ this is me finally stepping out and showing who I am. I’m so excited to go to Philly.”

But first, she is revisiting her Idol roots.

“I would really do anything for that show,” she said. “I was so honored to do it.”

Read more about American Idol at 6abc.


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