Middletown Township Apartment Complex Could be Doubled in Size in Possible Expansion

distribution center
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As of right now, the new distribution center is not happening in Bucks County.

An apartment complex in Bucks County may be doubling in size once a major expansion project begins in order to accommodate more residents. Greg Vellner wrote about the expansion for The Reporter.

Orchard Square Apartments, located in Middletown Township, could soon see a massive expansion of 72 units in five buildings, nearly doubling the size of the complex off of Old Lincoln Highway.

If the plans are fully approved and operations move forward, developer Scully Company of Jenkintown will oversee the construction and expansion. Plans for three-story builds were nixed, and the developer would move feared making two-story buildings with plenty of accommodations for individuals and families living there.

“Since our inception, Scully Company has been actively engaged in the acquisition, development, construction, management and asset management of communities for institutions, private investors and our own portfolio,” the complex said online.

This is not the only expansion in the area. Back in December, 600 apartments were announced to be built in the vicinity of the Oxford Valley Mall.

Learn more about the expansion in The Reporter.


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