Bucks County Businessman, Active in Local Politics, Opens Sports Bar in Philadelphia

sports bar
Image via Bankroll Philadelphia.
The sports bar takes the place of a famous Philly theatre.

A businessman from Bucks County has recently opened an upscale sports bar in Philadelphia, all while staying involved in local politics. Linda Stein wrote about the new sports bar for the Delaware Valley Journal.

Paul Martino, a venture capitalist and investor from Doylestown, recently opened a sports bar called Bankroll in the City of Brotherly Love. Taking the place of the famous Boyd Theater, the bar is described as a “ultra-posh, mobile-betting-focused hangout in Center City.”

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney encouraged the Bucks County businessman to open the sports bar due to his past in entrepreneurism and finance.

“I have been at the intersection of gaming sports and gambling for over 12 years,” said Martino.

“I was the first investor in FanDuel, the fantasy sports company, in 2011. So, I’ve been very active, and that was when that company was seven people in a bedroom in Scotland all those years ago. Now it’s the largest sports betting company in the world.”

Martino, who is active in the Pennsylvania GOP, has worked in state and local political initiative that he is passionate about. Now, he hopes to balance his two passions as he mans the new venue.

Read more about Martino’s new sports bar in the Delaware Valley Journal.


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