Unexpected Illness During Abroad Trip Leaves Bucks County Family in Need of Help

Image via Michele Spadaccino/ GoFundMe
The Bucks County man is fighting for his life in another country, and his family is asking for help.

A Bucks County family is asking for help after their son took a turn for the worst while the family was out visiting another country. Bill Spadea wrote about the family and their son for New Jersey 101.5.

The Small family of Bucks County found itself in dire need of help after an unexpected illness left 21-year-old Matt Small on a ventilator and dialysis during their winter trip to Ireland.

Matt, who recently graduated from Bucks County Community College, fell ill on New Year’s Eve. His cold symptoms quickly turned into pneumonia and the young man found himself in the hospital.

To make a bad situation worse, the family’s health insurance provider will not cover his bills. Car rentals, gas, and daily expenses along with having to maintain everything at home are starting to take their toll even before any medical bills start to come in.

To help out the family, a family friend has set up a crowdfunding page to help alleviate some monetary issues and relieve some stress from the family. Friends of the family are also asking those who cannot donate to share the info on the page.

Read more about the family at New Jersey 101.5.

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