Bucks County Native One of Several New Archivists in New York City’s Museum of the Dog

Imager via Museum of the Dog
The Bucks County native now works as an an audiovisual archivist for the museum.

A Bucks County native has recently been added on as an important staff member in one of New York City’s most interesting museums.

Ari Greenberg was made one a photographic archives assistant for the Museum of the Dog, located at 101 Park Avenue in New York City, back in August. A graduate of Columbia University’s School of General Studies, Greenberg grew up in the Bucks County area. He is also a graduate of the Moving Image Archiving and Preservation program at New York University.

Now, the audiovisual archivist is one of several important members archiving important information on the history of dogs and their impact on humans throughout time.

“A dog lover from birth, Ari grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with two beloved Belgian Tervurens, Leader [of the Pack] and Ruff,” the museum said online.

Currently residing in the city, Greenberg is taking his expertise in dogs and multimedia into an important and creative museum that is teaching people about man’s best friend.

Read more about archivists like Greenberg at MuseumOfTheDog.org.

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