Owners of Yardley Ice House Announce a New Store Opening in Newtown

Image via Yardley Ice House
The popular ice cream and water ice shop is opening a new store in Newtown.

A popular ice cream and water ice shop in Bucks County has just announced a new location being opened in a nearby town.

The owners of the Yardley Ice House, located at 77 S Main Street in Yardley, have just announced a second location that is being planned for the spring. The new shop, the Newtown Ice House, will be located at 156 North State Street in Newtown.

“We are proud to announce that we will soon be opening Newtown Ice House, our second location!” the Yardley shop said online.

Known for their various ice cream and water ice flavors, the Yardley shop is bringing their popular options to customers in neighboring Newtown. The close proximity will give local residents the option of stopping in either town while also spreading their reach to residents and visitors of Bucks County.

“At the Yardley Ice House, our specialty is bringing the community together over delicious and refreshing handcrafted water ice,” the shop said on their website. “Our gourmet Italian ice flavors will satisfy your taste-buds on a hot summer day or provide with you with a delightful spring treat.”

Learn more about the new shop at Yardley Ice House.

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