For 47 Years, General Recreation has Helped Clients With Recreation Needs

A community playground with equipment
Image via General Recreation

General Recreation, Inc. in Newtown Square has been assisting clients for 47 years with their recreational needs thanks to its affiliation with national manufacturers to find the most innovative recreation products available.

Through the years, General Recreation experts have guided and helped install thousands of local recreation projects in public and private parks, recreation areas, schools, childcare facilities, community groups, and institutions.

The recreation environment continues to change and grow. As industry leaders, General Recreation has guided the advancement of recreation equipment to fulfill clients’ recreational needs.

It has worked closely with design professionals, recreation directors and boards, parent/teacher groups, community volunteer groups, childcare providers, and owners of municipal, institutional and industrial facilities.

A sensible, proactive approach to every project the best possible value to its clients.

Whether you are looking to replace components, enhance existing facilities, develop a new project or build a “Community Built” playground, General Recreation can assist you.

Personalized and local consultation is the key to its ability to meet your particular requirements.

Rather than recommending standardized solutions, General Recreation experienced staff can provide unique products and services that meet a client’s particular specifications.

This one-on-one relationship ensures that all pertinent issues; such as safety, site specific requirements, age considerations, ADA requirements, materials, installation and maintenance are discussed clearly and in detail.

Experts will guide you through all phases of the project, including planning, equipment installation and maintenance requirements.

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