Four Workplace Trends for 2023

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Amid a pandemic, a younger workforce and new technology workplace culture is seeing a shakeup. More companies are going remote than ever before and emerging and shifting social attitudes are shifting to demand a more diverse workspace. Here are the upcoming workplace trends for 2023, according to Forbes:  

Remote Work  

Despite challenges when it comes to security and decreasing social connections with colleagues, there are plenty of pros for working remotely. Reports have suggested that working remotely has led to increased happiness and productivity, writes Bernard Marr.  

Workplace Surveillance  

With the growth of employee tracking software, trade unions are calling for regulation. As more employees work remotely, bosses may monitor them with IoT devices.  

Collaborative Online Tools 

Microsoft Mesh platform, Meta’s Horizon platform, and Nvidia’s Omniverse tool on the metaverse are just a few examples of online tools that are emerging for remote collaboration.  

Zoom is also making leaps with new functionalities such as whiteboards and meeting rooms.  

Flexible Hours and Four-Day Weeks 

Since online work cuts the commute, employees can get a lot more work done in fewer hours. Lots of companies around the world are starting to practice four-day week trials.  

Read more about 2023 trends in the workplace in Forbes.  

Bernard Marr forecasts the four biggest workplace trends of 2023.

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