This Bucks County Couple Sailed Around the World During the Pandemic. Here is What They Saw

Image via Marlene Reasoner
The local couple traveled the world and took photos to show everyone.

A Bucks County couple took to their boat to travel around the world, and now they are discussing their long and exciting journey. Frank Fitzpatrick wrote about the local couple for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Dan and Marlene Reasoner, a couple that has participated in competitive sailing, took their boat out during the recent pandemic. During their time at sea, the Bucks County couple took photos of whales, icebergs, and the various locations they made stops in.

From Canada to Alaska to Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, and American Samoa, the couple made sure they saw as much of the world as they could.

Even a run-in with the Canadian Mounties did not stop the local couple from traveling throughout the world.

“Immigration was ready to throw us in jail because we’d anchored during COVID,” said Dan. “We finally convinced them we’d been OK’d.”

Read more about the local couple in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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