Bucks County Ranked Among the Top Areas in the State With the Most Incoming Investments

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The county was listed as being a major location for investments.

Bucks County recently made a list of the top areas in the state for incoming investments, as well as other important financial transactions. Staff reporters at SmartAsset wrote about the listing and financial implications.

The county made the website’s top 10 areas in the state of Pennsylvania in regards to several economic and financial aspects.

Listed as #7, the county’s ranking is a result of the following statistics:

  • Business Growth – 0.2%
  • GDP Growth ($ in millions) – $14,226
  • New Building Permits (per 1,000 homes) – 3.2
  • Incoming Investment Index – 29.28

For those who are financially savvy, Bucks County is definitely on a list of places to make a home and/or start a business, as these results show how lucrative thee economic environment of the area is. Regularly touted as one of the greatest areas to live in in the Philadelphia area, the statistics show how the area is a natural source of opportunity for wealth and investments of all kinds.

Read more about Bucks County’s investment power at SmartAsset.

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