Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the Philly Area That Require a Bachelor’s  

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In the age of highly competitive careers, having a bachelor’s degree can make a world of difference. 

Here’s the top ten highest paying jobs in the Philly-Camden-Wilmington area that requires a Bachelor’s, according to  

10. Personal Financial Advisors  

Crunching numbers makes numbers! Financial advisors make about $134,970 within the Philly region. The average salary is $119,960 nationally. But you can make close to $173,000 if you head up north to Barnstable Town, Massachusetts. A little over 8,000 people are employed as financial advisors within the Philadelphia area.  

9. Human resources managers 

The typical salary for an HR manager in the area averages out to $140,330 compared to over $166,000 n, nationally. The San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, California region’s average pay is over $190,000 making it the highest in the country.  

8. Natural sciences managers  

The average salary for this position in the region is $141,020 compared to $156,110 nationally. People living in the Boston area make twice this amount at $222,360.  

7. Marketing managers  

Managers in this position make about $152,540 a year which is close to the national average of $153,440. Nearly 6,000 people are marketing managers in the region.  

6. Purchasing managers  

This position beats marketing managers by a hair. The annual mean salary is $152,570 in the region. However, Trenton, New Jersey is the city with the highest pay nationally at $181,030.  

5. Sales managers  

Also coming in close is the position of sales manager at $152,600 a year in the region.  

4. Architectural and engineering managers 

The annual mean salary for this position is $159,600 annually. However, the San Jose area is significantly higher, at $228,000. 

3. Computer & IT managers 

The average salary is $162,050 which is close to the annual average salary of $162,050. Currently, there are 9,740 employed in this position in the area.  

2. Financial managers 

Over 13,500 people are making bank in this position! The average salary is $169,660 which is more than the national average at $153,460. Financial managers in the New York City region make about $209,100 a year.  

1. Chief executives  

Surprise, surprise. Chief executives have the #1 highest salaries in the region, averaging about $266,150 a year. Nationally, the mean salary is $213,020 but the area with the highest average pay is Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA at $313,440.  

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