Central Bucks West Basketball Star Returns to Region After Stint at Penn State

Image via Villanova Athletics
The Central Bucks grad is now a big shot on the college basketball team.

A Bucks County basketball player recently switched college teams, bringing her talents to another Pennsylvania university. Meghann Morhardt wrote about the rising basketball star for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The hardest decision Maddie Burke, a Doylestown native and Central Bucks West basketball star, made in her young life was to choose Penn State over Villanova University to continue her education. Burke was a coveted recruit with over 30 scholarship offers, and Penn State won in the end.

“It was a very hard decision,” said Burke. “I was also in a very different time in my life. Being in high school and then actually going through being a student-athlete in college is very different.”

Ultimately, the situation at Penn State was not the right fit for the athlete, in big part because it was so far away from home. That prompted Burke to switch to Villanova University this year, which brought her just 30 miles from her family, including her father, Chris, her lifelong coach, and twin sister Amy.

And the junior guard is already feeling the difference after the move.

“Being close to home has helped a lot,” said Burke. “Just being close to family, being familiar with the Philly area. I grew up working out around here and everything.”

Read more about Maddie Burke in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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