Airport Just Outside of Bucks County Makes the Top of the List for the Worst Flight Delays in the Country

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The local airport is one of the worst when it comes to flight delays.

Just a stone’s throw from Bucks County, one major airport has recently made the list for having some of the worst delays in the country. Isabel Sepulveda wrote about the airport for Stacker.

If there is one thing that commercial and international travelers can all agree on, it is that flight delays are the worst part of their travels. Many commuters have had to deal with delays for one reason or another, with some airports being worse than others.

Trenton-Mercer Airport, located at 1100 Terminal Circle Drive in Ewing Township, was listed #8 on a list of 100 American airports with the worst flight delays.

Here is a list of factors that contribute to the airport’s high amount of delays, as well as their percents:

Annual flights (August 2021-July 2022): 2,534
– On-time performance: 66.93%
– Air carrier delay: 10.2%
– Weather delay: 0.6%
– National Aviation System delay: 7.9%
– Security delay: 0.0%
– Aircraft arriving late delay: 10.9%
– Cancelled flights: 3.3%
– Diverted flights: 0.2%

Read more about the local airport at Stacker.

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