The State of Remote Work in 2022: Here are the Stats and Facts

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Remote work has been around for quite long, but the over the past two years as many people experienced it for the first time, there has been a lot of conversation about whether working from home should be the norm.

Despite most health restrictions being lifted, there are plenty of people who grew to prefer working from home office.

But is remote work a fading practice or will working from home endure and become more prevalent with time?

Moneyzine examined the data to track a lot of interesting trends in 2022 that suggest what we could see for the future of remote work.

Future Prospects

For those who enjoy remote work, one reassuring bit of news should be that working from home will continue to increase as time goes on.

Research suggests that sooner rather than later, 73% of all departments will have at least some remote workers.

Meanwhile, worldwide, 16% of businesses have gone completely remote.


Perhaps you are concerned that by not being in the office your efforts won’t be as easily seen, leading to you getting a lower salary.

However, the research actually says that remote workers typically make $4,000 per year more than people on-site.


Naturally there are some tradeoffs for working remotely. Some of the most commonly mentioned ones include loneliness, challenges communicating with other people on the staff, and difficulty separating work time from leisure time when it is all done from home.

Who Allows Remote Work

If you are looking to make your best determination for where to find a remote work positions, the data says high-income cities are more open to employees being remote. And yet, it is small businesses that are twice as likely to offer remote positions.

However, there are still 44% of companies that do not offer remote positions in any capacity.

Who Wants Remote Work

Obviously it is not just the employees that get a say in this. And the data says 95% of company executives want workers in the office, feeling it strengthens the company culture.

Meanwhile 64% of recruiters praise remote work, feeling it lends to hiring higher quality candidates. And as for the employees, 74% say they would be less likely to leave a company that offered remote options.

All of this data seems to suggest that remote work is only going to become more common, but it sounds like workers will largely be grateful for having that alternative.

You can find many more fascinating statistics regarding remote work in the article from Moneyzine.


TIME speaks with experts and industry leaders about the future of remote and hybrid working models.


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