Langhorne Restaurant To Potentially Remove Outdoor Dining Tent, the Last One in the Area

Image via Sandy's Beef and Ale
The establishment's outdoor tent may soon been shut down.

A popular Langhorne eatery continues to host customers in an outdoor tent, but that might be coming to an end very soon. Beccah Hendrickson wrote about the area’a last dining tent for 6ABC Action News.

Sandy’s Beef and Ale, located at 2028 East Old Lincoln High in Langhorne, is home to Middletown Township’s last operating outdoor dining tent, a common fixture of the Bucks County restaurant scene for the past two years due to the pandemic. As life has gone back to normal, almost all surrounding satires have done away with their tents; all, that is, with the exception of Sandy’s.

Owners of the bar want to keep the tent because it offers customers a chance to enjoy outdoor dining, but local officials want it gone because the time period of the tents’ usage has expired.

“I wish we were in a different location where if we had more property, we could build outdoor seating,” said Kevin Glasson, one of the owners of Sandy’s.

The Langhorne spot has been in operation since 1967, offering roast beef sandwiches, brews, and sports for Bucks County residents for decades.

Read more about the eatery’s outdoor dining situation at 6ABC Action News.

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