5 Tips To Get That Job You’re Not Fully Qualified For

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Sometimes there is that one job that sounds perfect for what you want…until you see that one qualification you lack.

It feels unfair that missing that one thing should make you ineligible, and you probably wonder if it is really that big of a deal.

Per Indeed, applying even if you don’t fully meet the qualifications can actually be acceptable. You just have to know how to present yourself to overcome more of an uphill challenge.

Tell the Truth

This definitely does not mean announcing in your cover letter that you are missing a skill the company listed.

Simply avoid mentioning that detail in lieu of highlighting your strengths. Though if you get asked about it in the interview, do not lie.

Cater Your Resume to the Job

You might have a more general resume that you usually send out, but in this instance, you want to tailor your resume to the position. Your goal here is to keep the employer’s attention on all the ways you meet their prerequisites so that they do not notice anything you lack.

Focus on All the Aspects You Do Have

Similar to the last point, utilize your cover letter to talk about how strong you are in all the other qualifications. You might have an experience that goes above and beyond the requirements in those departments, so let your accomplishments there shine.

Explain What Sets You Apart

You also might have a pertinent skill to the position that the employer did not ask for. If you have something that really makes you stand out, the employer could perceive you as someone who is even better than what they asked for.

Have Someone Vouch for You

As is always the case, friends in high places can get your foot in the door. If you know someone in the company who can put in a good word for you, that can get you the interview even if you don’t match every qualification. Sometimes that testimonial from a reliable worker means more than a line on a resume.

The lesson is if you truly believe you can do the job, apply anyway, even if you don’t match all the criteria. Hopefully, they will give you a chance to make your case, and the worst they can do is reject your application.

For more help on how you could show why you deserve the job even if you don’t meet all the qualifications, look at what Indeed had to say here.


Career and leadership expert Andrew LaCivita offers advice on how to get the job when you’re not qualified!


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