10 Tips to Improve Your Zoom Presentations

Zoom Presentation
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Over the last two or three years, most workers were forced to gain experience utilizing Zoom to continue with their responsibilities.

However, it was still such a new experience that a lot of people didn’t fully figure out how to make the best of the platform. Have you seen other Zoom presentations that were lacking and want to avoid making those mistakes?

Professor Farland Chang did an article for Forkast sharing what he learned to put on an effective virtual presentation. Here is some of the best advice.

Invest in Good Equipment

Before even doing any presentations, make sure you are set up to show your best.

If you have old or cheap equipment, spend the $300 to get a decent microphone, webcam, and speakers. It makes a difference.

Treat it Like a Performance

This goes for all presentations, even away from Zoom. When you are in front of an audience, you are trying to keep their interest. Dial up your personality and bring the energy.

Don’t be Too Formal

People will enjoy hearing from you more if your presentation style is not too rigid. Be easygoing and conversational.

Make it Interactive

If it’s a small group, make sure everyone feels encouraged to chime in with their thoughts. This helps keep people engaged.

Keep Cameras on

Obviously, your camera should be on, but ask others to keep theirs on too. Everyone being able to see each other establishes more of a personal connection.

Take Questions

Allowing questions not only gives you a chance to catch your breath but it also makes the group feel part of the discussion.

Don’t be Tied to the Desk

There is nothing wrong with taking your presentation on the go. Use your phone to take the presentation to a new location.

Use Props

An in-person presentation might involve showing the audience something that supports what you’re saying. You can still do the same virtually, either with physical objects or virtually by sharing pictures or videos.

Virtual Backgrounds

Show your personality by utilizing virtual backgrounds. Don’t feel obligated to show your office or dining room the same view every time.

Finish Strong

Plan your presentation to have strong beats, especially an ending that people will remember.

There is a lot more to a great presentation than just turning on the camera and talking. Prepare in advance to make it great.

Improve your Zoom presentations even further with more advice from Forkast that you can read in their post here.


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