Doylestown Hospital One of Many Around the Country That Expanded to Meet Pandemic Needs

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Image via Doylestown Hospital.
The hospital accommodated for those in need during the recent pandemic.

A well-known Bucks county hospital was one of many that made changes to its facilities during the most recent pandemic. Debra Kamin wrote about the hospital’s initiatives over the last two years for The New York Times.

During the pandemic, Doylestown Health added a new Intensive Care Unit to their hospital. This was in order to accommodate the ever-expanding amount of COVID-19 patients, as well as all other patients, during the early days of the pandemic.

“The pandemic proved the need to have flexible space,” said Jim Brexler, the chief executive of Doylestown Health. “The impact of having adequate critical care space was essential, and you don’t want to build all that out and not be able to use it for other purposes.”

The new rooms that were added to the hospital are clustered in pods of eight. This is to reduce traffic within the corridors. The recent innovation is thought to be a major shift in the way that hospitals will be set up in the future.

Read more about the hospital’s initiatives at The New York Times.

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