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The old adage everyone tells kids who are trying to fit in at school is to “just be yourself.” But many kids struggle to heed that advice, a problem that can follow into adulthood.

No matter how old you are, you too might feel like who you are in front of everyone else is just a mask you put on to keep them happy. Maybe that is because you worry people wouldn’t like the true you.

But the site Mind Tools shared how embracing your integrity will not only help others better connect with you, but it will give you deeper happiness too.

Identify Your Values

Can you articulate what beliefs are most important to you in the world? Do you ever compromise those for someone else’s benefit? Figure out what matters to you too much to ignore.

Figure Out What You Lack to be Your True Self

What aspects of your life are you hiding your authenticity in? Is it at work by holding your tongue on ideas because you don’t consider yourself important enough to contribute? What are the moments that make you regret your choices?

Speak Truthfully

You can be honest while still being tactful. You don’t have to be cruel or offensive; just don’t pretend to go along with something that goes against who you are. And be prepared for the reality that some people will reject you for that, and that’s okay.

Learn to be Confident

A major reason you may go along with behaviors you don’t like is that you don’t feel confident speaking up for yourself. By staying silent, you want to protect yourself, but really you are just getting dragged around by the whims of others.

Don’t Judge Others

Gossip and judgment against others are signs of insecurity. An authentic person does not build themselves up by tearing others down.

Master Your Emotions

When your emotions get the better of you, it can prompt you to behave in ways you regret later. Get a handle on your fear, anger, and sadness so others can’t provoke you into responses you aren’t proud of.

Make it a Daily Routine

Don’t make authenticity another mask you put on and take off for certain moments. Find friends and a career that match your values.

You may lose some people from your life by no longer being a people pleaser. But sometimes parting ways is healthy. Being a social chameleon is no way to live long-term.

Want to learn more about the benefits of living honestly with yourself? Mind Tools has more details on why your authentic self is your best self here.


In this TEDx Talk, Mike Robbins has good ideas for bringing your whole self to work.


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