This Bucks County School District Just Cancelled $20,000 in Student Lunch Debt

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The Bristol Borough School District cancelled the debt to help local families.

A school district in Bucks County recently made headlines for cancelling over $20,000 of student lunch debt, a significant move for the children involved. Emily Rizzo wrote about the recent cancellation for WHYY.

Bristol Borough School District just cancelled the large debt in order to start the new school year on a clean slate. The total amount cancelled amounted to $21,914.49. The Bucks Cancel Lunch Debt Coalition brought attention to the issue in a board meeting bak in February.

“We’re frugal on how we spend our money,” said School Board President David Chichilitti. “And we had extra money. And if we didn’t, we would have found out where to get the money to forgive this.”

With a median household income of $60,028, families in this school district rank among one of the poorest in Bucks County. A cancelling of this amount of lunch debt will take a huge burden of local families who are struggling in the current economy.

Read more about the student lunch debt cancellation at WHYY.

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