FBI Crime Stats Show Bucks County’s Safest Places to Live

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Image via Mylene Jerez at Creative Commons.
Nine Bucks County communities make list of safest in Pennsylvania.

Bucks County is home to nine of the 100 Safest Places to Live in Pennsylvania, according to a 2022 list from ElitePersonalFinance.

To determine which places are safest, the website extracted the latest available data from FBI crime statistics. Cities with fewer than 5,000 residents or those that did not report crimes to the FBI were not included on the list.

Crime scores were calculated by dividing the total number of violent crimes by the area’s population (and multiplying by 100 for ease of analysis). The lower the rank, the “safer” the community.

Bucks County’s safest communities rated as follows:

RegionRank# of CrimesCrime Score
Buckingham Township1310.05
New Britain5030.27
Lower Makefield57100.31
Northampton Township58120.31
Upper Southampton8260.40
Bedminster Township8730.41
Pennridge Region (Rockhill Township)9450.45

More information on Pennsylvania’s safest places to live is at ElitePersonalFinance.

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