Area Homebuilders Hit the Nail on the Head in Project Delays: The Tangled Supply Chain

wood framing
Image via Avel Chuklanov at Unsplash.
Area building contractors, even two years after the onset of the pandemic, continue to face supply chain delays.

More than two years after the start of the pandemic, local homebuilders still struggle with supply chain issues, writes Michaelle Bond for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Before even breaking ground, contractors must preorder items like appliances because of long delivery times. Kieffer’s Appliances in Lansdale, for example, is still experiencing product delivery delays of a year for some items

“People can’t believe this is still going on,” said Jace Kieffer, vice president of Kieffer’s Appliances. “And yeah, we’re still in the heart of it.”

Supply chain problems first hit the new housing industry when the pandemic started. Manufacturing halted and shipping slowed, which briefly brought work to a standstill.

Two years later, builders are still having trouble keeping up with demand. Costs of construction also keep rising as appliances, building materials, and workers remain hard to get. In addition, some buyers are being priced out of deals by higher mortgage interest rates, as houses take longer than usual to build.

“We definitely have had buyers fall out,” said Gary Jonas, managing member of the Conshohocken-based HOW Group. His observation is firsthand: the company is currently trying to finish a townhouse development in the Mantua section of Philadelphia.

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