Doylestown Family Leaves Cramped Condo, Opts to Duck into Roomier Cape Cod

ducks in a yard
Image via Elizabeth Robertson at The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Heidi and Miles Roux and their Khaki Campbell ducks.

The pandemic lock down brought the Roux family of Doylestown — dad Miles, mom Heidi, seven-year-old son Gus — to a dilemma: Either remain in their cramped condo or find a bigger nest elsewhere. They opted for the latter, according to Laura Hoover, who got the details’ ducks in a row for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The 1938 Doylestown Cape Cod they chose was a love-at-first-sight purchase.

It did need work: a new roof, carpet removal (that revealed beautiful hardwood), extensive tree removals. But before long, the family of three was comfy cozy.

Until it started expanding.

An elementary school project for Gus brought a set of duck eggs into the kitchen for hatching.

Once Gus got the picture of where ducklings come from, the brood was expected to go back to the farm that provided them.

But the Roux’s fell in love with the peeping fuzzballs.

The basement’s intended use as a recreation spot has been commandeered; it now holds an oversized tub in which ducklings Cinco, Pickles, and the Sneetches swim.

And that renovated yard? It’s now got a duck cage.

Redesigned house elements aside, the daffy trio now lends a serene vibe. Heidi escapes work-at-home compute burnout by gazing at the ducks in the back garden.

“There’s a whole crazy duck world that I didn’t know I wanted to be a part of,” she said.

More on how this Doylestown family is currently feathering its nest is at The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The breed of duck the Roux family is raising in Doylestown is the Khaki Campbell variety.