Bucks County Foundation Grant Keeps the Canines of Canines — And Other Pets — Sparkly and Healthy

man holding cat
Image via Healthcare for Pets at YouTube.
Dental hygiene for pets, including cats, is a very important part of their overall well-being.

The Bucks County Foundation, supporter of worthy causes since 1979, is taking a bite out of detrimental health issues resulting from poor dental hygiene for animals. The Bucks County Herald unleashed the story.

The foundation provided a $10,000 grant to the Women’s Animal Center in Bensalem. The funds will be put toward new dental equipment that will, in turn, improve outcomes for pet dental health.

Dentistry is an important part of dog and cat care, says the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Periodontal disease (a serious gum infection) is as dangerous in pets as it is in humans. It not only produces pain that can become severe, it can lead to health issues that include kidney, liver, and heart damage.

Steve Price, the Bensalem shelter’s veterinary hospital director, called the donation “a most generous investment in our veterinary hospital delivering high quality dental care for community owned pets and for the shelter pets waiting for their forever homes.”

To brush through more details of the generosity of the Bucks County Foundation, see the Bucks County Herald.