Holy Family University President Uses New Podcast to Stream Scholastic Stories

woman in white blazer
Image via Holy Family University.
The Holy Family University president is wearing yet another hat: podcaster.

Among the numerous tasks involved with running a university such as Holy Family, Dr. Anne Prisco, President, has taken on another, interviewer. She’s now hosting Asked & Answered, the institution’s new podcast.

In Asked & Answered, Dr. Prisco gets to know the most influential leaders in Phila. She also shares the stories of Holy Family faculty and alumni who are making major impacts in their communities.

“Holy Family’s values are centered on our shared humanity and collective responsibility to one another, our neighbors, and our communities,” said Dr. Prisco. “In Asked & Answered, I introduce listeners to a host of community leaders to share the wonderful work that they do and to engage in fascinating conversations designed to broaden our collective understanding of the impact of leadership.”

The Asked & Answered podcast launches with three episodes:

  • “Criminal Justice Reform and Community Engagement,” with Dr. Patricia Griffin, Holy Family Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
  • “Investing in Nurses for Greater Community Health,” with Independence Blue Cross Foundation President Rev. Dr. Lorina Marshall-Blake
  • “Entrepreneurship and Ice Cream,” with Dan Kilcoyne ’04, Mini Melts USA President & CEO

Asked & Answered is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, and the Podbean app.

In addition to her media skills, Dr. Prisco maintains an academically solid, welcoming community
for the students she oversees as Holy Family University president.