Vita Education Services, Doylestown, Celebrates Half-Century of Changing Lives, One Lesson at a Time

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Image via Karolina Grabowska at Pexels.
Vita Education Services has a half-century of experience helping adults continue and finish their educations.

Vita Education Services, Doylestown, marked its 50th year of service to Bucks County residents and families in need of a scholastic leg up. Its student support includes:

  • Literacy and GED preparation
  • Family literacy instruction
  • Cognitive behavioral instruction
  • Employment readiness workshops
  • Skill-building coursework to people with low literacy levels, immigrants, the incarcerated, and returning citizens

The organization has numerous success stories over its years of effort; two are presented here, with names and locations withheld to protect privacy.


Claudia was a married mother of three whose eldest was in elementary school. The parent-teacher conferences Claudia attended were frustrating, as she lacked the English skills to communicate clearly with staff.

The linguistics barrier also complicated other common parent interactions, such as pediatrician visits.

Claudia started studying English at Vita. Progress was slow at first. But she eventually caught on. She broadened her educational pursuits to eventually earn her GED.

She’s now helping run her husband’s landscaping business and is preparing for a Business Administration college degree.


Tawanna had deep doubts about her ability to earn her GED. She thought she was too old and too far removed from her formal education.

She mustered her courage, however, to start classwork to get her to her goal. She told her family that her studies came first and that they would have to handle chores like meal prep on their own.

She struggled with writing, which led to some overall anxiety about what she was tackling. But she worked hard and proved to be a quick study.

She took a practice GED. And another. And more after that.

Finally, she felt prepared to try the real deal.

After one test, her teacher called her at home to find out how she had done this time. The instructor could barely hear Tawanna over the din on the other end.

When asked, Tawanna replied: “It’s my family. They’re dancing. I passed!”

Celebrate the Milestone

Members of the public are invited to the Vita Education Services 50th-year gala. It is May 6 (this Fri.) at Delaware Valley University from 7:30–10:00 p.m. Tickets are online.