Qlik CEO at Forefront of Mission to Create Data-Literate World and Usher in Meaningful Change For the Future

CEO of Qlik
Image via Unsplash.

Creating a data-literate world, where organizations tackle the most complex challenges where data is key in ensuring meaningful change, is achievable in the future, writes Mike Capone, CEO of Qlik, for Forbes

This was most evident during the United Nations Climate Change Conference last fall.  

Qlik had previously worked with U.N. Climate Change secretariat to create an innovative analytics platform. During the conference, all the commitments made by the 120 participating countries were entered into the platform in real time. 

This made it possible for leaders and their teams to understand the live status of the commitment levels from other countries. Previously, it was much harder to grasp its importance during the manual sharing of information.  

This real-time data was responsible for raising the stakes on this incredibly important issue. 

The conference proved how powerful data can be in stirring a sense of duty and conscience to achieve measurable action on climate change. 

Newly available data is just as important at the enterprise level and can provide business leaders with insights that they might otherwise miss and add a powerful layer of transparency and efficiency to an organization. 

Read more about breaking down data barriers in Forbes.

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