CB – East Alumna Succumbs to Breast Cancer at 31; ‘She Gushed Goodness,’ Said Her Father

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Image by the O’Riordan McAdam family at The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Kerry O’Riordan McAdam.

Kerry O’Riordan McAdam was multifaceted and competitive. She was a businesswoman, fitness enthusiast, beloved wife, and fiercely brave breast cancer patient. Sadly, as reported by Gary Miles in The Philadelphia Inquirer, that final challenge proved to be unwinnable.

McAdam was born in Phila., raised in Doylestown, and attended Central Bucks High School – East.

College followed, then a tech career and marriage. She was capable of great focus (a Broad Street Run veteran) but could let loose, as well (dancing as a Mummer).

In Feb. 2020, she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.

She fought the disease with as much passion and focus as she dedicated to her pastimes and career.

A collaborative fundraiser with a friend who also had the condition nearly doubled its $250,000 goal for cancer research.

At a Feb. event, McAdam starkly reported her reality: “Without the money required to develop… new drugs, a diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer, like the one I received two years ago, will continue to be a death sentence,” she said.

Her father, in attendance, commented that evening on the accomplishment and commitment: “I have never seen such courage and was so proud of my wee little girl.”

The cancer’s progress proved inexorable, taking McAdam’s life at age 31 on Apr. 26.

More on Kerry O’Riordan McAdam (including an address for donations in her name) is at The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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