Villanova’s Basketball’s Players Weren’t the Only On-Court Presence Suiting Up and Amassing Stats

A graph that shows the combinations of Jay Wright's suits
Image via Ryan Best, FiveThirtyEight.

Former Villanova basketball coach Jay Wright was described in 2016 by the Los Angeles Times as “cooler” than James Bond and Batman, writes Josh Planos for FiveThirtyEight.

Some of it was his high-end wardrobe.

“It’s a constant battle to not embarrass him, in terms of looking like slobs,” said former Villanova assistant coach Baker Dunleavy.

His look was partly thanks to Wright’s late friend Gabriele D’Annunzio, an Italian-born tailor from Newtown Square with 50+ years experience.

FiveThirtyEight analyzed 100 of Wright’s outfits from 2004 to 2020. Villanova’s featured colors — blue and white — also featured in Wright’s attire.

Of the 100 suits analyzed, navy suits were the most common (37 percent), followed by gray (35 percent) and black (28 percent).

The favorite combination was a navy suit, blue shirt, blue tie, and blue pocket square — worn seven times in the sample.

Most suits were traditional two- or three-piece, but there was a handful of D’Annunzio’s favorite: double-breasted.

White was the most common shirt color (48 percent), then blue (30 percent) and purple (8 percent).

Blue was also the most common tie color (40 percent), then silver (17 percent) and purple (13 percent). For the pocket square, white was the most common (32 percent), then blue (30 percent) and silver (10 percent).

Read more at about Jay Wright’s at-the-court clothing style.

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