Join DeSales U for ‘Pie & AI,’ an Explanation of Knowledge Graphs and Optimizing Supply Chains

Image via DeepLearning.AI at DeSales University.
Pie & AI at Desales University explains some of the tech behind supply chain optimization.
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Knowledge graphs and their ability to improve supply chain management is the topic of a May 12 presentation at DeSales University at the University Conference Center in Center Valley. The in-person session, hosted by the university’s Center for Data Analytics, runs from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The program includes an explanation of the technology and its applications; it also features a demo. The presenters will address the following:

  • What is a knowledge graph?
  • Why use a knowledge graph?
  • How do knowledge graphs optimize supply chains?

The session will end with the demonstration of a knowledge graph and a Q&A time.

Presenters are:

  • Kurt Stirewalt, Vice President of Application Development at RelationalAI
  • John Bloys, Vice President, Engagement at RelationalAI
  • Jordan Kunde-Wright, Engagement at RelationalAI

Register online for the presentation.

After the event, DeepLearning.AI will provide a limited number of promotional code for attendees who complete an evaluation survey. The promo code enables 50 percent off the first month subscription price of any DeepLearning.AI course on Coursera.

About Pie & AI

Pie & AI is a series of DeepLearning.AI meet-ups independently hosted by our global AI community. Events typically include conversations with leaders in the world, thought-provoking discussions, networking opportunities with fellow learners, hands-on project practice, and pies (or other desserts).