Shantelle Gammon of Bucks County Children and Youth on Her Work: ‘These Are *Our* Kids’

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Image via Comcast Newsmakers.
Shantelle Gammon.

Bucks County Children and Youth Social Services in Doylestown advocates for a population often unable to further its own well-being: children. Shantelle Gammon, Volunteer Recruiter for the organization, described her mission to uplift them in a recent edition of the Bucks County Conversations podcast.

The local network of foster parents and volunteers has close to 200 children under its wing. It’s important work, Gammon said, for one compelling reason: “These are our kids. These are Bucks County kids.”

Her tenure with this agency goes back nearly 18 years. It’s a career she chose because of a desire to “…have a tangible, positive, long-lasting effect on the community. It was important to me to contribute to our kids in a way that they can look back and say: ‘This person helped me.’”

Gammon cites a particular need for heads of Bucks County households to consider fostering older children.

“If people could only take the time to really open their hearts and homes to older kids and just give these kids a soft landing and a place to really get grounded in their developmental years, they can really make a big difference in what their life looks like after the foster care system,” she concluded.

More on Bucks County Children and Youth Social Services — including how to register as a foster family — is on the county website, which also hosts her full interview from Bucks County Conversations.