In Adding a Unique Element to a Property, There’s No Need to Be Coy About Welcoming Koi

rocky hole with water in it
Image via AquaReale, member of the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce.
Koi Ponds proved popular additions during the pandemic not only for their natural beauty but for their calming effect.

The pandemic’s increase in residents’ time close to home has led to a run of on-property improvements. One interesting add-on is a backyard or garden Koi pond. AquaReale, a nearby water features company and Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce member, is a font of information on them.

A Koi pond is essentially an ecosystem, meaning Mother Nature herself cares for details such as food, shelter, and its Koi fish residents.

The upside is that, when properly installed, a Koi pond is low-maintenance for its owner.

But properly installed are the watchwords.

The components of a healthy Koi pond are:

  • Filters that remove excess nutrients and skims debris from the water’s surface
  • Rocks and gravel, which protect the pond’s liner from deterioration from the sun
  • A recirculation system for proper oxygenation for fish and plant inhabitants
  • Fish (of course)
  • Plants, which add character as well as perform additional filtration duties

Together these elements sustain a circle-of-life relationship: Fish eat plant life; fish produce waste that falls to the pond’s bottom; that debris is broken down by bacteria supported by the rock foundation; once broken down those substances become food for the plants; the plants grow and become fish food all over again.

Full contact information for AquaReale is at the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce website.