6 Unspoken Rules of Getting a Promotions

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If you have been at your current job for a while and putting in good work, you have probably begun to wonder if promotion could be in your future. Unfortunately, if you sit back and wait for it to come to you, you might be disappointed.

Often you have to take the initiative to arrange for a conversation where you can explain why you are worthy of more responsibility. The job site Glassdoor explains some of the techniques that you can use to show you deserve a promotion.

Don’t Settle for Less

A good concrete way to explain why you are worth more is to have data to substantiate it. Look at what other companies are offering as a salary for the kind of work you do. If you can show you are getting below the average, that is a point in your favor.

Form Your Argument

Sitting down with your boss and just saying you want more is not going to be enough to convince them. They will want to hear why you of everyone there deserves it, how it will help the business and other details of what they are getting out of this.

Build Your Reputation

If you want to get into a new role, it is helpful to have a preexisting bond with the people in the company doing that kind of work. Take the chance to network with the people who are doing what you want to do.

Take the Ball and Run with It

Your boss might occasionally test people out by giving them assignments that have some crossover with higher responsibilities. Recognize when these moments come to make sure you excel.

Speak Up

You want to be known as a contributor. In meetings and public settings make sure you are chiming in with ideas and suggestions.

Think How You Can Benefit the Company

You no doubt want the promotion because of how it would improve your life. But that does not offer your boss anything in return. Appeal to their motivations and explain how your past experience would help you benefit the company even more.

Treat getting a promotion the same way you would an entirely new job. Be assertive and be prepared to convince your boss why you are the best candidate.

For more detail on any of these steps, consult the post from Glassdoor found here.


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