Meridian Bank House of the Week: A Levittown Residence That Will Reflect Well on Its New Owner

home with garage
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105 Mill Drive, Levittown.

The sartorially minded new homeowner of 105 Mill Drive, Levittown, will hold the deed to a property that enables plenty of opportunities to ensure his or her look is just-so. Hair in place? Check. Shoes not scuffed? Nope. Any unsightly wrinkles in the outfit? Certainly not.

Sleeping quarters are an appropriate place to check out an ensemble before setting out for the day. This home’s smaller bedroom provides a nice view.

But a true clothes horse will want to ensure that an ensemble is working from a variety of angles. The master suite is the place to go.

After confirming that the couture is très beau, one can descend the steps with confidence. But before making a grand entrance into the living room one final check in the downstairs bath might be in order. One can never tell when a smudge of lipstick has appeared on one’s teeth or an errant hair has escaped the coif.

Finally, it’s time to make an appearance, greeting friends or family in the living room or more informally in the kitchen.

105 Mill Drive, Levittown, has a smooth price of $329,900.

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