For Owners of Small businesses, Remote Work Policies are Not One Size Fits All

Man working from home.

Despite whatever other challenges Covid has caused, a lot of workers did not consider remote work to be one of them. Many employees were enthusiastic about not having to be in the office anymore and have been hoping for it to be a permanent change.

However, there are also arguments for why eliminating the office altogether is not wise.

Writing for The Philadelphia Inquirer, Gene Marks discusses how while remote work can be an advantage for some, it is not a one-size-fits-all policy.

For small businesses in particular, being totally virtual can make it difficult for the team to have the level of collaboration needed to be as productive.

In a job where each employee wears multiple hats with their responsibilities, it can be important to have immediate access to each other for matters that otherwise cannot advance.

There is also the logistics of some jobs simply requiring people on site. For a desk job, being virtual might be good, but for a small clinic, there is simply no avoiding the fact that patients need to be examined in person. Virtual doctor checkups are fine to ask a few quick questions, but not if you need any kind of hands-on tests.

And there is also the reality that not all workers enjoy mixing their job with their home life. For some, being in the office is the only place they have the peace to focus and get things done. Working from home can give children or pets the misconception that you are available whenever they need you, which can really hamper momentum for finishing a project.

Ultimately, in the same way being in the office is not best for everyone, being remote will not be ideal for everyone either. That makes it imperative for companies to be transparent in what their needs are so they can find the right candidate, whether they are on-site, remote, or hybrid.

For more on the considerations that should go into who remote work is best for, read the article from The Philadelphia Inquirer here.


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