Uncle Sam’s Annual Reckoning: How Many of Us Are Getting a Tax Refund? How Many of Us Owe?

woman doing paperwork
Image via Afisem Asesores at Creative Commons.
SmartAsset's analysis shows how many Bucks County residents are getting tax refunds vs. how many had to pay.

Income tax filing day 2022 has come and gone. It its wake is now a general sense of glumness for those who owed and a feeling of glee for those awaiting rebates. The number of county residents at both ends of that spectrum was revealed in a recent SmartAsset study.

SmartAsset’s experts analyzed IRS data to determine the counties in which Americans received the highest average tax refunds. Conversely, it identified the regions whose citizens owed the most.

Bucks County landed square in the middle of a ten-county assessment of Pa.

The SmartAsset data show that 234,800 Bucks County taxpayers are receiving refunds this year, while 79,060 of them owe Uncle Sam.

On average, refund checks will be made out to county residents in the amount of $2,902. For those remitting payments of their own, the in-county financial reckoning tallies $7,085.

The data together yielded a SmartAsset Taxes Refunded Index of 16.92 in Bucks County, landing it at No. 5 in a statewide ranking.

Only Philadelphia County saw worse results locally, with its index of 15.87 and a No. 6 position.

Montgomery County taxpayers fared best among the collar counties, with a 19.26 index and a No. 1 spot.

Delaware County and Chester County were Nos. 2–3, respectively.

More information on local income tax data is at SmartAsset.