Yardley Dog Walk Showed That Helping Veterans Can Be as Easy as Alpha Bravo Canine


The 911 Garden of Reflection in Yardley was appropriate location for a recent fundraiser for Alpha Bravo Canine. The walk highlighted the nonprofit’s work in supplying veterans with service dogs. Matteo Iadonisi heeled through the details for 6abc.

The event, Strolling for Service Dogs, was organized by Alpha Bravo Canine. The nonprofit trains and provides assistance dogs, without charge, to veterans suffering from physical and psychological issues.

Using the Bucks County locale, a site honoring bravery and sacrifice, was the idea of Lower Makefield Township teen Nicholas Christopher.

Christopher, a budding entrepreneur, ran a COVID-timed lawn-decorating service, outfitting neighborhood yards with celebratory messages. He routinely sent proceeds to Alpha Bravo Canine because, “I care deeply about veterans. And you’re never too young to help out the community.”

Monies raised at The Gardens walk will offset costs associated with training and donating the specialized canine companions.

“It’s upward of $20,000–$25,000 for each service dog,” said puppy raising coordinator Tracy Ruepp. “We donate them to veterans for free. So, it’s a lot of time and money.”

Local veteran Michael Howard has benefited immensely from the service dog he received from the organization.

“Literally when Cooper came into my life, he saved my life,” he said, crediting his pal with steering him away from loneliness and isolation that threatened him.

More on this organization and its recent event is at 6abc.