Doylestown Hospital’s COVID Caseload Stays Low; Testing Center Quiet Enough to Be ‘Looking for Business’

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Image via Gustavo Fring at Pexels
Local progress in beating back COVID-19 has precipitated a drop in residents seeking testing from drive-through centers like this one.

“The COVID numbers remained extremely low.” With this encouraging statement, Dr. Scott Levy, Chief Medical Officer of Doylestown Hospital, provided his weekly assessment of the ongoing, local health crisis.

The latest statistics, a continual sign of progress, had him in a jovial mood. “Our drive through testing center is looking for business,” he joked, indicating an absence of worried residents.

He provided an update on the COVID census: four people admitted; few cases walking through the doors of the emergency room.

From there, he cited clinical trial data as a valuable took in the hospital’s pandemic efforts.

The use of clinical trial data “…has been an ongoing part of our culture for a long time: How to bring the most recent technology — some of the newest thinking — to a hospital like Doylestown to ensure that this community gets the best care it can.”

COVID, with its swift outbreak and ability to spawn variants, eclipsed any academic study aside from clinical trials, Dr. Levy explained.

“We didn’t have any textbooks to look up,” he said. “Everything was real-time research. And we were able to leverage [our] 20-year experience to bring on some of the most important, prestigious clinical trials related to COVID.”

Reliance on this mode of treating widespread, sudden outbreaks of health threats is an operational model that will continue to guide Doylestown Hospital into the future, assured Dr. Levy.

His complete weekly update is available on Facebook.

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