Ambler Vegan Company is Serving Up Delicious Plant-Based Meals Anyone Could Love

Ambler Vegan Company
Images via Ambler Vegan Company.

Ambler Vegan Company is making it easy to enjoy a delicious meal without the inclusion of animal products with its delectable bowls, smoothies, and juices, writes Ed Williams for Main Line Today.

With its repurposed table and chairs found at yard sales, Ambler Vegan Company’s dining space feels cozy and homey.

The menu here is simple with a variety of yummy bowls, smoothies, fruit whips, and juices, but customers can expect seasonal changes. Depending upon what’s currently in season, bean bowls may be filled with sweet potato, hummus, avocado, or pumpkin seed crema.

“Even those who aren’t completely vegan can benefit from eating a wholesome meal a few times a week,” said the owner of Ambler Vegan Company Richard Rogers.

Rogers, a Blue Bell native, grew up in a home where fresh fruits and vegetables were a necessity. Then nine years ago he decided to take the next step and eliminate all meat from his diet.

Now he’s sharing his love for food that’s completely free of all animal products with the Ambler community.

When at work, Rogers can usually be found baking and bagging his homemade sunflower power-kale chips, trying out new beet burger recipes, or chatting with customers.

Currently, Rogers is looking to find potential employees interested in working here.

“Staffing has been the most challenging aspect of starting this business,” said Rogers. “But I’m making connections with local trade schools to hopefully form intern partnerships.”

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  • The Ambler Vegan Company is currently on a break, so please call them or check their Facebook page to check hours.
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