Willow Grove Native Becomes Professional Artist After Abrupt End of Sports Career


After an abrupt end to his football career, Willow Grove native Jordan Spector turned to art as both a way to cope and as a new profession, reports Jamie Apody for 6abc.

“I’ve done art ever since I was a kid,” said Spector. “It was a hobby for me, a passion for me.”

Due to an injury, Spector’s pro football career came to a sudden end.

“I played football at Temple for two seasons as a walk-on, and then I got hurt. And when I got hurt, that’s kinda what led me back to art to fill that void,” Spector said.

Spector’s impressive talent has led to him being commissioned by athletes and collectors to create some truly stunning sports-themed paintings. For example, Spector painted a gorgeous side-by-side painting with the late Kobe Bryant and Allen Iversen that brought Iverson to tears.

But perhaps the most stunning of Spector’s works to date so far is a 15-foot-long Eagles masterpiece that took his two years to complete.

“Starting with Chuck Bednarik all the way to the Super Bowl era, there’s 41 players, coaches, Merrill Reese is in there,” said Spector.

Even Tom Brady can be seen if you look closely.

“For me, it’s about telling a whole story behind an athlete or the scene,” Spector said. “People who are buying my work, they feel my energy, and that’s why the slogan behind my work is art with energy. It’s not just about the art, it’s about the passion for the sport.”

To see more of Spector’s work, check out his Instagram, website, or learn more at 6abc.