In Post-Holiday January, Here’s How to Silence Those Kid Choruses of ‘I’m Booored!’

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January, despite possibly sketchy weather, still offers families plenty to do in Bucks County.

There’s a reason parents tend to think of January as the only month of the year with 83 days in it. If the cold, bleak weather is giving your kids the blahs (or you, for that matter), Visit Bucks County has some worthwhile suggestions for injecting a little fun back in your days.

Be flexible with plans, especially as COVID-19 safety measures can change without notice. But there’s an upside to these wintertime excursions: Several of these sites operate indoors. And some are even free.

Sesame Place, Langhorne

Hours for this tot-centric theme park are currently curtailed to weekends only, but there’s a price break as well. The January event calendar is heavy on birthday celebrations, with Rubber Ducky, Ernie, and Elmo all turning one year older this month — while eternally staying the same age.

Washington Crossing Historic Park, Washington Crossing

Since Labor Day 2021, even the meager $5 per-car admission charge is waived (and will remain so until Memorial Day 2022), making this a budget-friendly visit. This is a great place to burn off excess kid-fueled energy, walking the village and perhaps climbing Bowman’s Hill Tower, while taking a deep-dive into our nation’s history.

Giggleberry Fair, New Hope

This indoor (!) hotspot at Peddler’s Village has three stories of space to run, climb, play, and eat. The grand carousel is terrific for kids of all ages.

New Hope-Lambertville Bridge

This footpath connector between New Hope and Lambertville has a sweet spot in the middle where kids — without charge — can straddle two states at once. Even tots whose legs aren’t that long can manage it.

New Hope Railroad

Somehow, the huff-puff of the smokestack is more exciting when the air is sharply cold. The pitch of the whistle seems brighter, too.

The Mercer Museum, Doylestown

Oh, what an epic game of I Spy you can launch here.

Kids Castle, Doylestown

This mega-playground is great for those sunny winter days when the chill backs off enough to enable climbing, sliding, hanging out in a treehouse, and pretending to take a rocket ship to space.

Bowlero, Feasterville

This is a recommendable destination if your kids span several ages. There’s bowling, of course. But also laser tag and an arcade. And for the more mature youngsters, billiards.

More recommendations for January activities are at Visit Bucks County.

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