Career Corner: 5 Steve Jobs Presentation Hacks to Wow the Room

Steve Jobs
Image via iStock.

While Steve Jobs is a controversial figure, nobody will deny the ability he had to get people excited for Apple’s newest idea. As the site Inc. describes, Jobs became the spokesman for Apple because he knew how to captivate people and give them something to remember.

Here is what Inc. had to say about what you can learn from Steve Jobs to enhance your own presentations.

Share a Story

Movies, TV, and books continue to have as much of an audience as ever because people are engrossed by a compelling narrative. You can captivate an audience the same way if you relate your point to a story, such as a moment in your own life that made you realize the importance of what you are talking about.

Bolster Your Facts with Numbers

People might not remember most facts and figures, but numbers stick with people to help put details in perspective. If your presentation is about a problem you want people to act on, provide the hard numbers for how bad things have gotten.

Use Metaphors

It is possible your subject matter might not be something a lot of people have experience with. So it is up to you to convey that information in a way that makes sense to others. Translate your terms and scenarios into something people know better to help them relate more to the subject.

Surprise the Audience

Don’t focus so much on grabbing your audience’s attention at the start that you blow all your big announcements right away. When organizing your information, leave something for the middle that subverts people’s expectations.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Seeing something with your own eyes leaves more of an impact than just hearing about it. If you can show the audience the impact of what you are saying, do so. It not only creates a striking image or video, but it also helps add variety to your presentation.

If you are going to learn from someone, learn from the best. And there is no denying that Steve Jobs knew how to enrapture a crowd.

For other tips on what you should be copying from Steve Jobs’ presentations, read Inc.’s article here.


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