Career Corner: In This New Normal, A Gap in Your Resume is No Longer a Mark Against You

Resume Gap

Everyone dreads having to explain an unemployment gap on their resume. It feels like an uphill battle to explain how you have the skills for the job you are applying for when you have been away from your career for a substantial period.

But when tons of people have unemployment gaps, that levels the field.

An article from the New York Times suggests that one positive to come out of the pandemic is that an unemployment gap may no longer be held against you by companies.

The simple reason why is because thanks to layoffs, plenty of people are in that same boat now. When the talent pool is full of people who have been out of work, it is much harder to dismiss them all as unqualified.

Cynical workers might question why companies wouldn’t still go for candidates with the more robust resumes. After all, profits often take precedence over empathy.

But the answer is that companies cannot afford to be that selective anymore. Much of the job market is experiencing a major labor shortage and have roles that need to be filled as soon as possible. So this has created a great market for returning workers to receive equal consideration.

However, some analysts worry the bloom may soon be gone from that rose. As the pandemic stabilizes and more people return to work, some predict that this time next year employers may go back to their old ways.

So while workers may get a pass on their work gaps, for now, it would be wise not to feel too certain that that will be a permanent change.

To learn more about the current view of employment gaps, read the New York Times article here.



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