Thirty-Three Teachers Call Out Sick at Truman High School, Necessitating One-Day Closure


Truman High School, Levittown, experienced an unexpected closure last Friday, one not caused by weather or other expected factors. Trish Hartman reported the impromptu holiday for 6abc.

Marcus Kollie, freshman, heard he would have off last Friday, he thought, “Oh, snap!” And then he went back to sleep.

But parents were less than enthusiastic about the unexpected three-day weekend for their high schoolers.

The reason classes were not held was a rash of teachers — 33 — who called in sick that morning.

The district reported being unaware of a spike in COVID-19 cases among staff. Or flu.

Its website message said only: “Due to the number of staff out and subsequent safety concerns today, Truman High School is closed for students. Staff not out on sick leave should report to the building. We are continuing to recruit substitute teachers to address shortages.”

Kollie says he’s noticed staffing issues at school. “There have been times where we had to go to the auditorium when we didn’t have any subs,” he said.

A representative of Substitute Teachers Service, which supplies fill-in educators for Bristol Township, said that these kinds of incidents are rare.

But they may increase in frequency in the future, it noted. As is the case with numerous professionals nationwide, substitute teachers are becoming difficult to find and retain.

More on this story is at 6abc.

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