Career Corner: What to Include in Your Thank You Email After Your Job Interview

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While the thank you letter following a job interview is simple, that doesn’t mean you should fire off a basic email with no effort put into it. It will likely be your final chance to make an impression before you hear if you got the job or not, so something carefully crafted will serve you well.

If you frequent Indeed, they even have sample thank you letters you can check out. Regardless of the tone you go for, all of them have some components in common that you want to be sure to include.

One important thing to bear in mind is to personalize your letter. People can tell when you use a form letter and it conveys little enthusiasm.

Address your interviewer by their name, and mention something specific from your interview that you enjoyed learning about.

And when thanking the interviewer, make sure to mention the particular position as the company could very well have multiple openings they are reviewing candidates for. Otherwise, just make this portion sincere in phrasing how you appreciate them making time to talk with you.

Perhaps most valuable about the letter is it also gives you one last opportunity to briefly supply additional information about your credentials. If there is something significant you forgot to mention, now is a great chance to do so.

Lastly make it clear the interviewer is welcome to reach out for any additional information, and reiterate your contact information for them. Though they should already have your phone number and email from your resume, including it here saves them having to pull up that file.

You could even keep things as simple and discreet as putting those details in the signature of your email so it looks natural.

As for the tone of the email, that depends on the job type and the vibe you were getting from the interviewer. Use your best judgment, or err on the side of caution and keep things formal.

If you want to see some samples of how to incorporate these tips, read Indeed’s post here.


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