Jail Time Issued for Attackers of Dillon Mays, Theme Park Employee

woman with a man wearing a mask
Image via Alejandro A. Alvarez at The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Shakerra Bonds leaves court in July, accompanied by her attorney.

Bucks County President Judge Wallace H. Bateman sentenced Bronx native Troy McCoy to 5-10 years in prison for his attack on theme park employee Dillon Mays. Vinny Vella covered the litigation, stemming from an August 2020 incident at Sesame Place, for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The encounter began when Mays reminded McCoy of the park COVID-19 policy that mask wearers also cover their noses.

The notice angered McCoy. Later that day, encountering Mays once again, he and girlfriend Shakerra Bonds physically attacked him over the initial exchange.

For the physical damage they inflicted — including breaking Mays’ jaw — the couple was convicted in July.

Bonds’ sentence was two to 24 months in jail; the presiding judge found her under-oath claim about the beating (self-defense) to be particularly egregious.

At McCoy’s sentencing this week, he apologized. “I really didn’t mean to injure him at all,” he said.

In a prepared statement read in court, Mays reported that his jaw is still healing and occasionally continues to dislocate.

He also said the attack has left him depressed and anxious.

Mays’ mother said that the attack has shifted his personality and caused resentment toward a site he enjoyed greatly as a youngster.

“My child did not deserve this beating, especially from two adults who are parents themselves,” she said.

More on the Dillon Mays case is at The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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