Career Corner: Life Sciences Are the Future— And They Are Hiring in Philadelphia

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Image by Philadelphia Maneto via Reddit.

If you are interested in what fields will be seeing growth in the coming years, you should definitely keep an eye on positions in the life sciences.

An example of this is in the Philadelphia genetic medicine company Passage Bio. In 2020 they employed 20 people. By the end of 2021, that number is expected to exceed 150.  And they are no anomaly in the field either.

In writing for the Philadelphia Inquirer,  Ilene Raymond Rush said there are three dozen life sciences companies in the area, focusing on gene therapy, cell therapy, and gene editing. And in 2020 these sciences raised more than $4 billion in investments. That is in comparison to just $828 million the previous year.

This naturally opens up a lot of potential for workers specializing in health and data, but people with higher education will not be the only beneficiaries. The senior vice president at the University City Science Center, Saul Behar, said that Philadelphia residents of all backgrounds and education levels stand to gain.

“In the future, there will be jobs in this area for people that don’t require a graduate or even a college degree,” said Behar. “Think logistics, marketing, lab cleaning, front office positions, finance.”

Some of the leaders in these companies have even said they would consider taking workers with no prior training in the field but who can develop into the role. It was emphasized that this field is not at the point of booming with open positions yet, but that such a possibility may be on the horizon.

To learn more about life sciences and the openings that are appearing, read the Philadelphia Inquirer’s article here.

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