For Journalists at the Bucks County Community College ‘Centurion,’ COVID Was No ‘Stop-the-Presses’ Moment

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Image via Alyssa Moore at The Centurion.
Centurion Editor-in-Chief Alyssa Moore.

The student staff of the Bucks County Community College Centurion, the campus newspaper, recently received an Organization of the Year nod from the school. The publication itself covered the award through Judith Russo.

The celebration of The Centurion resulted from its staff commitment in navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite health-safety cautions that upended everything from newsgathering to distribution, each edition published as scheduled.

Journalism professor Tony Rogers noted the commitment that kept The Centurion on track. “It never missed a beat,” he said. He commended the writers and editors for their flexibility to work “…without the ability to use our newsroom, meaning everything had to be done remotely.”

Rogers was quick to praise Editor-in-Chief Alyssa Moore, who, he noted, “almost single-handedly edited and laid out much of every issue.”

Moore recognized the help she had.

“Everyone deserves some credit, including the journalism students who wrote the articles and helped with the editing, the students in the news video class who produce the videos on The Centurion’s website, and the graphic design students who helped with layout,” she commented.

In addition to the paper, two other student activities received Organization of the Year recognition: Future Teachers Organization and Honors at Bucks.

More on the Bucks County Community College Centurion pandemic editorial year is at The Centurion.

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