Pennsylvania Hard Cider Fans Find a Bucks County Distillery to Be the Apple of Their Eye

Gary and Amy Manoff, hard cider producers
Image via Manoff Market Gardens.
Gary and Amy Manoff of Manoff Market Gardens.

Pennsylvania is home to some of the finest hard cider in the nation. A Bucks County producer, however, has demonstrated himself to be outstanding in the field. Nick Vadala picks through the details for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Gary Manoff of Manoff Market Cidery in New Hope spent 35 years in the agriculture business before turning his attention in 2018 to crafting cider.

His New Hope spirits operation is a family affair involving his wife, Amy, and their daughter, Chelsea.

They press their home-grown apples themselves, allowing the result to ferment with yeast in barrels of differing woods to imbue the cider with distinct character.

Their dry, sparkling cider — no sugar added — results from the use of Comfort, Goldrush, and Stayman apples. The Manoffs add home-grown fruits to shade the flavor profiles from bottle to bottle. Currently, the summer yields of strawberries, rhubarb, and peaches are providing a seasonal zing.

The peach crop is a Manoff family favorite.

“Our peaches are special because we like the old-fashioned varieties that drip juice down your chin and have to be eaten over the sink.” Manoff’s website reads.

“There are some new varieties of peaches and nectarines that we enjoy, but we love the White Hale that was released from Rutgers University in 1941. We continue to plant it in our orchard. It’s available around Labor Day.”

Manoff Market Cidery routinely produces 12 varieties of cider.

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