The Meet Group, Inc., of New Hope, Collaborates with San Francisco Tech Firm to Stop Livestream Hate Speech

The Meet Group, Inc., New Hope, offers high-tech answer to online hate speech.
Image via Ian Williams at Creative Commons.
The Meet Group, Inc., New Hope, offers high-tech answer to online hate speech.

The Meet Group and Spectrum Labs are expanding their existing R&D partnership to devise a high-tech method of counteracting online toxicity. The bicoastal effort — The Meet Group works out of New Hope, while Spectrum Labs’ HQ is in San Francisco — uses voice moderation technology to quell rhetoric before it becomes livestream hate speech.

The business partners hope their work results in a method for protecting users from harmful commentaries and other forms of cyber abuse.

Geoff Cook, CEO of The Meet Group, commented, “User safety is fundamental to what we do, and effective moderation of livestreaming video requires effective moderation of all aspects of the stream, including voice, text, chat, and video.

“The combination of Spectrum Labs’ technology and moderation solutions with our leading safety standards and processes create what we believe is a model that others in the livestreaming video industry may look to follow.”

The Meet Group and Spectrum Labs employ technology to record livestream content. Their system proactively and cost-effectively detects hate speech, improves moderator oversight, and expands safety measures for users.

When its electronic sweeps suspect content violations, Meet Group Inc., moderators receive notice of the possible infractions. These employees then review the stream according to the company’s strict content and conduct policies.

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